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18% gratuity will be added to check for parties of 6 or more

Specialty Sandwiches

Our own slow oven roasted, USDA CHOICE inside top round.

Bavarian style ham from our own smoker with Swiss Cheese.

*Chicken Salad
Grilled chicken breast mixed with mayo, Dijon mustard and black pepper.

*Turkey Jack and Avocado
With Monterey Jack cheese and lots of fresh ripe avocado.

Turkey Jack and Bacon

Turkey Bacon Avocado

Smoked Salmon
Beautifully mild and tender salmon with cream cheese, tomato, red onion slices, lemon wedges & capers on a toasted bagel.

Hot Sandwiches

*Roast Pork Loin
Thinly sliced and tantalizingly spiced center cut pork loin. Served with lettuce, tomato, mayo, honey mustard and red onions.

French Dip
Our own roast beef served with au jus.

*BBQ Brisket Sandwich
Beef Brisket with our Homemade Rub. Slow cooked in our Smoker and mixed with our Homemade Tangy BBQ Sauce. Served with Cole slaw and French Fries.

Corned Beef
Lean, tender, sliced thin traditionally served with mustard and red onions.

Peppery, thinly sliced, traditionally served with mustard and red onions.

New York Special
Corned Beef and Pastrami with melted Swiss cheese.

Corned Beef with melted Swiss and sauerkraut. Served on grilled Rye bread with your choice of Thousand Island dressing or mustard & onions.

Traditional Sandwiches

Turkey Breast
Oven roasted Turkey Breast.

Ham, turkey & imported Swiss on a roll.

Club Sandwich
Ham, turkey, Swiss cheese and bacon served on toasted wheat bread.

Ham, Swiss, Salami & Provolone cheese with Italian dressing.

Lots of succulent thinly sliced Honey Baked Ham. Mild yet rich.

Ham & Swiss
Honey Baked Ham with imported Swiss cheese.

Vegetarian Sandwich. Avocado, your choice of cheese, sprouts, lettuce, tomato & red onions.

Tuna Salad
Tender and light Tongol Tuna packed in water with mayo & pickle relish.

Rich mid-western liver sausage on Rye bread.

Egg Salad
Light with just mayo, mustard & chopped eggs.

Lots of bacon, lettuce & tomato.

Italian Salami
Italian dry salami thinly sliced.

Rusty Bagel
(Named after Rusty Surfboards... Rusty invented it!) Melted Pepper Jack Cheese, avocado, sprouts, tomato & red onions.

Peanut Butter & Jelly

Cheese Shop Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
(On Sliced San Francisco Sourdough Bread)

3 Cheese Special
Muenster, Jack and Cheddar.

Old Fashioned Grilled Cheese
Your choice of American, Sharp Cheddar, Jack, Swiss, Provolone, Muenster, Pepper Jack, Havarti.
Any of these cheese sandwiches can be served cold. Make your grilled cheese experience a bit more interesting with fresh basil and/or a slice of fresh tomato.

Dutch Leyden
Dutch Farmhouse Cheese flavored with Cumin. With Sliced Ripe Tomatoes.

Greek Grilled Cheese
Feta Cheese with a bite. With chopped Oregano and Sliced Ripe Tomatoes.

Danish Blue
A delightful combination of Creamy Muenster and Danish Blue.

Italian Grill
Mozzarella and Provolone with Garlic, Fresh Basil and Sliced Ripe Tomatoes.

Sandwich Extras
Extra Meat

Burger Specials
(Served with lettuce, tomato, onions & Thousand Island dressing)

Classic Diner Cheeseburger
Served with french fries.

Veggie Cheeseburger
Served with french fries.

Homemade Soup & Salads
(Homemade dressings: Tarragon Mustard, Blue Cheese, Italian Vinaigrette, Ranch or Thousand Island)

*Homemade Chili
Our own recipe...just spicy enough

*Soup of the Day
Homemade Soups made Fresh Daily

Indian Lentil served every Wednesday.

Soup & Half Sandwich

Soup and Small Green Salad

Mixed Greens
Bowl of Romaine & Iceberg lettuce, garnished with cucumbers, tomatoes, sprouts, black olives, red onions & croutons.

Chef Salad
Our Mixed Greens topped with Julienne ham, turkey, cheese, & croutons.

*marinated chicken breast salad
Our own Teriyaki grilled chicken breast thinly sliced on a bed of mixed greens & croutons.

Greek Salad
Romaine & Iceberg lettuce, Kalamata olives, cucumbers, red onions, Feta Cheese with O/V dressing and croutons.

Greek Chicken Salad
Our own Teriyaki chicken breast served with our Greek salad.

Greek Pasta Salad.

Potato Salad.

Cole Slaw.

Cheese Platter For 2
An assortment of available cheeses, garnished with fresh fruit.
Served with crackers.

Wings & Things

10 pieces served with ranch dressing, carrots and celery.
Your choice of regular or spicy.

Cafe Chips.

French Fries.
Large Fries
With Cheese
With Chili & Cheese

Onion Rings


(Don't forget to try our famous cookies)

Oatmeal cookie
Moist, chewy, and wonderfully nutty. Simply Scrumptious.

Chocolate Chip Cookie
Lots of Chocolate Chips. Better than Grandma's.

Special- any 2 cookies

Espresso Brownie

New York Style Cheese Cake

Dessert Bar
*Ask your server about today's selection.

(Please feel free to check out our unique selection of drinks)


Budweiser, Bud Light, Miller Light
Sam Adams

Bass, Harp, Pilsner Urquell, Hefeweizen, Red Hook

Large Imports
Guiness, Fosters Larger


White Zinfandel
Delicate blush pink in color, sweet aromas of strawberries and watermelon with a refreshingly crisp finish.

Dry, clean and fruit focused varietal. Flavors of apple and pineapple combine with a rich, toast oak finish.

Medium bodied fruit with ripe flavors cherry and oak.

Cabernet Sauvignon
Dry, clean and fruit focused varietal. Flavors of apple and pineapple combined with a rich, toast oak finish.



Fountain Drinks
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, & Pink Lemonade

Can Sodas
Assorted Flavors

Mineral Water
Assorted flavors

Snapple Juices & Teas

Bottled IBC Assorted Flavors

Bottled Juices
Apple, Grape, Cranberry, & Grapefruit


Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

Coffee & Tea
(Coffee supplied by Cafe Moto)

House Coffee


Hammer Head


Cafe Au Lait

Cafe Latte



Hot Chocolate

Tea (Iced or Hot)

Flavored Monin Syrups

Whipped Cream

Breakfast Specials

Country Fried Steak & Eggs with Hashbrowns
Your choice of Toast or Biscuit.

*Homemade Biscuits with our own Country Sausage Gravy
Served with two eggs, sausage and Hashbrown potatoes.

*Homemade Corned Beef Hash
Served with two eggs any style and your choice of toast.

Ham & Eggs
Ham Steak with Two Eggs any style, Hashbrowns & your choice of Toast.

Breakfast Feast
Choice of Pancake or French Toast, Two eggs any style with Hashbrowns. Your choice of Bacon, Sausage.

Breakfast Sandwich
Eggs & Cheese, Choice of Ham, Sausage or Bacon on an English Muffin.

Egg Dishes
(All egg entrees include hashbrown potatoes and your choice of toast)

Two Eggs any style

Two Eggs with Bacon or Sausage

Ham & Cheese Omelet

Denver Omelet
Bell Peppers, Onions & Ham

Mushroom & Swiss Cheese Omelet

Spinach & Cream Cheese Omelet

*Spinach & Feta Cheese Omelet

Cheese Omelet
Your Choice of Cheese

Substitute Egg Whites

Add Bacon, Sausage or Ham to any Omelet

Griddle Favorites

*Buttermilk Pancakes
Full Stack
Short Stack

*Blueberry Pancakes
Full Stack
Short Stack

French Toast

Vermont Pure Maple Syrup


*Homemade Granola with Fresh Fruit
Your choice of milk or yogurt.

Old Fashioned Oatmeal
With brown sugar and raisins.

Seasonal Fruit Cup

Seasonal Fruit Bowl

(Plain, Sesame, Everything or Cinnamon Raisin)

Bagel with Butter & Jam

Bagel with Cream Cheese

Bagel with Salmon & Cream Cheese
With tomato, red onion slices, lemon wedges & capers.


2 Sausage Patties

3 Slices Bacon

Ham Steak


Biscuits & Gravy

Country Gravy

Extra Egg

Cottage Cheese


Extra Cream Cheese

"Consuming raw or undercooked meat, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illnesses, especially if you have certain medical problems."